Basically, we buy everything our soldiers ask us to get


On February 24, Tetiana planned to go to work with her sister. Instead of that, she had to wake up to her sister call and hear: “Tetiana, it has began”. Having packed her bags, Tetiana went out from her home, thinking she was leaving it forever.

In the first days of the war, she began to do what she used to do before – to search, buy and coordinate. Tetiana said to her colleagues that she really is a charity manager who cannot live without it. And it turned out that Tanya was left without a job, but she still wanted to do something for the victory. Tetiana started working on the project herself, then part of her family and her friends joined. All of them are doing what they can.

The Shields Ukraine team buys ammunition for the Ukrainian military. They search for the necessary things all over the world – in Europe, China, America, then they bring ammunition to Ukraine and give it to fighters in hot spots. The guys find out military needs from the soldiers, whom they know personally, order everything and deliver it to the address.

They raise money and buy armor, helmets, radios, phones, thermal imagers, cars, drones… The team has already brought 180 tons of military ammunition to Ukraine along the routes Lviv-Kyiv-Kharkov. These are 50 thermal imagers, 4 cars, 260 sets of armor, 15 drones, 2 trucks of medicines for Kharkiv hospitals. 

Before the War

Owned a coffee shop and made healthy sweets

Site of Operation


Operation Directions

Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine