The most difficult thing is the feeling of helplessness


On February 24, Tetiana woke up from the sounds of explosions and immediately wrote to her neighbor, asking whether she had heard the same thing. Being in a state of shock, Tetiana began tidying the apartment. Because order improves productivity and Tetiana decided that if it was necessary to pack urgently, then it would be easier and faster.

The first couple of days she was with friends, reading the news and monitoring chats. Tetiana saw that many chats became more active and people from there started volunteering. So she had an idea to create her own team and organize assistance for those in need. Tetiana decided that she would not leave Kyiv, since in 2014 she was already a refugee and did not want to leave her home anymore. Tetiana started by posting on her Instagram page that she wants to organize a team of volunteers. In three days, she managed to gather a team of 30 people. They managed to arrange the delivery of a huge batch of humanitarian aid: food, hygiene products, baby food. They also organized the evacuation of people, provided emotional support.

Now the team is more focused on helping the residents of Kyiv, delivering assistance in the form of food and medicines. They found two warehouses on different banks of Kyiv and organized a team in each of them. For the first three weeks, Tetiana slept every other day or only an hour a day, because there was no opportunity and time for sleep. So far Tetiana has already registered a public organization called Balance Insider, which has a team of 40 people. All processes have been set up inside the organization, there is a CRM system, IP-telephony.

They organize the fundraising themselves. In March, they managed to raise 11 thousand dollars and evacuate 33 families, transport 50 refugees to Poland, and provide food and medicines to more than 3,000 people. Every day, money is needed for food, baby food and medicines. There are more people in need than they can help. Tetiana says that the most difficult thing is the feeling of helplessness. It happens that there is not enough experience, not enough money, not enough connections. Tetiana faced the fact that many people are willing to help, but it is not always possible to do quality work if the person has no experience. Tetiana is convinced that our country has already won. She tries her best to live that full life, that victory implies . And after the end of the war, she really wants to go on vacation to the seaside.

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