We need to do something, we need to help


The war caught Valentina suddenly, until the last moment she did not believe that Russia could declare war on us. Kharkiv was shelled and approached by Russian troops from the border from the first days. At first, Valentina was in a state of panic because our city might be occupied. On February 25, Kharkiv school for the blind was shelled, the windows and walls were completely shattered by the blast wave. Fortunately, the children were in the basement and all remained alive and intact. This gave an understanding that we need to do something, we need to help.

Valentina faced with the question: what to do with those who remained in Kharkiv? Many did not have food, necessary medicines and assistance. Therefore, during evacuation, they began to purchase food and medicine for those in need. Valentina’s headquarters has a lot of care recipients: families with disabled, disabled children, blind people. This is more than 350 people. Valentina says that the evacuation from Kharkiv continues every day. But there are a lot of old people left. The headquarters has three special vehicles for transporting bedridden patients and the disabled. The headquarters has 8 volunteers, 3 drivers, 2 people responsible for logistics and 2 for packaging. They also accept volunteers who find the organization themselves.

Every day, the organization faces the challenge of acquiring the fuel, food and specialized medicines that their care recipients need. There is constant work. Resources come from organizations that Valentina’s headquarters previously helped to evacuate care recipients and relatives; partners helped with medicines from Finland in the amount of 1,000 euros; also, the Pensioners Party of Ukraine and other volunteer organizations help.

To date, 630 people have been evacuated, about 300 have already received permanent residence in Germany, Poland and Denmark. The organization keeps in touch with everyone, provides psychological support because people have mental breakdowns. Valentina is pleased that her headquarters was able to help a large number of people and children. They send photos of how they settled down, how children play, walk, go to school/kindergarten and smile. It costs a lot. Valentina is not discouraged. On the contrary, she is looking forward to victory and planning to return to her main activity. They plan to organize help for refugee children whose mental health has suffered; help mothers cope with all the problems.

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