It’s what we’ve always done and what was a logical thing to do having our resources


Varvara has been living in Switzerland with her husband and 4-year-old son for a year and a half. On February 23, facing the war threat in Ukraine, Varvara was making work arrangements and was preparing to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Foundation with her team. When the war began, Varvara could not believe it at first. She could not believe it was possible in the 21st century. Every morning she had a panic attack, worried about all her friends and relatives, and started her day with reading the news.

Despite the fact that Varvara and her family are safe, she is constantly worried about her loved ones. Varvara’s parents and in-laws are in Kyiv. Since the beginning of the war, the Starenki Foundation, together with Varvara, has been performing their activities. With the support of social organizaitions, volunteers and donors, they have significantly increased the volume and geographical coverage of their help. Now Varvara and her team provide food packages and hygiene kits to the elderly, those lonely old people no one cares about. During the month of the war, the organization managed to help 4,000 elderly people. If needed they slightly expand the criteria and help the refugee families who evacuated with their elderly.

Lack of financing is a big problem for the Foundation. They are also in constant search for volunteers in new locations. The Foundation has always been accompanied by some kind of magic that helped to implement all their plans. This helps to move on and keep the spirits high even in the hardest of moments. It gives one an understanding that the strength of a single person is much greater than one could imagine.

Varvara says that we should be the ones who support and help the elderly. Because no old person will manage to stand for hours in the long line for groceries or humanitarian aid. After the victory, Varvara plans to generate ideas and create projects that will help rebuild everything that was destroyed in our country.

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