Each of us has their own path and their own front


After the first explosion, Viacheslav understood everything, but he still could not believe it. After the second explosion, he quickly packed, called his friends, and they went to the western part of Ukraine to take their women and children to a safer place. When Viacheslav was driving back to Kyiv 2 days later, he really hoped that he would be able to join the Ukrainian army with his friends. His friends joined the army, as they had military experience, and Viacheslav was refused – he is not at all eligible for military service due to  health issues. Then he enrolled in the defense of the city of Zaporozhye, but there he was of little use, so Viacheslav decided to become a volunteer. At first, with all his savings, he bought clothes and uniforms for friends who were leaving for the front. Then requests began to come in from other fighters, and that’s how it all began.


It helps Viacheslav very much in his work that he speaks several foreign languages ​​and, being unfit for military service, has the right to travel abroad. He finds and purchases the necessary equipment, shoes, bulletproof vests, thermal imagers etc. all over Europe. Friends help financially, they also started collecting donations. Friends and volunteers around the world are also very helpful – some help financially, some found the premises for warehouses, and some help to sort out military ammunition and buy the best at the best price. After all, the comfort and safety of the military is our safety, says Viacheslav. Viacheslav is constantly in touch with the military and receives requests directly from them. By far the armor is the greatest need. Now he has found an opportunity to buy a large batch of ultra-light NATO body armor, but this requires money.


Viacheslav has the opportunity to leave Ukraine and easily find a job in any country in the world. But he decided that he would not give up until the very day of VICTORY. He will be a volunteer till the bitter end, although he admitted that he would like to be with the guys at the front and defend Ukraine. But each of us has their own path and their own front. Immediately after the victory, Viacheslav will go to visit his parents, whom he has not seen since the beginning of the war. They are in the occupied city, but refused to leave their home. Viacheslav has always considered himself a citizen of the world, but he sees his future in Ukraine!

Before the War

Worked in IT sphere

Site of Operation

Zamosc (Poland)

Operation Directions

Funds Raising
Help to the Territory Defence