Victor opts for positive thinking and tries to surround himself with such people


When the war in Ukraine began, Viktor was on a business trip, his train was delayed by 2 hours and all the passengers were in a panic. A few hours later, one of the chefs, who was already a member of the Territorial Defense Forces by that time, called him, saying: “Chief, there is nothing to eat here, feed us”. Viktor with his colleagues created the “Chef Against the War” volunteer movement. They are engaged in feeding about 4,000 people daily. In the early days, they provided food to the Territorial Defense and Armed Forces. Now they feed a large number of elderly people, internally displaced people, hospitals, orphanages and everyone hungry.

Victor is an experienced manager, he was able to raise funds to keep the kitchens operating smoothly and the staff was getting paid. But the “Chiefs” decided to go further. They organized charity dinners of Ukrainian cuisine in various world capitals to raise money for the kindergarten restoration in one of the liberated cities.

Victor opts for positive thinking and tries to surround himself with such people. Therefore, his team works together and selflessly. He has been developing Ukrainian national cuisine for a long time and wants people all over the world to know about our cuisine, our culture and our country. After the victory, “Chiefs Against the War” will arrange a festive dinner and finally feed their colleagues, defenders of Ukraine and all the wards with restaurant food.

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Founder of the South Ukraine Chefs organization, brand chef at Jack Group and owner of the Ukrainian cuisine restaurant "Yu" in Odesa

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