While the army is protecting us, we are taking care of the army


On the 24th of February, Viktoriia didn’t hear any explosions and was sleeping peacefully. At 6 am she got a call from her mom who told Vika that the war started. At first, Viktoriia couldn’t believe this could be happening in the 21st century. For the first few days Viktoriia and her boyfriend decided to stay at home, and all they were doing was monitoring the news. On the third day, when the fighting in Mykolayiv started, Viktoriia and her boyfriend moved to her parents’ place. They were really scared, as this was the first time something that was happening to them, and it was impossible to believe in the reality of it.

Viktoriia couldn’t just stay put doing nothing. You could lose your mind because of the news, fear and could start degrading easily. Everything started at her decision to bring some clothes to the injured that were just brought to the hospital in Kherson. Then she found out what other needs the hospital had,and that’s where the chain of tasks started. 

Initially Vika’s team counted 3 people that decided to unite – and now it’s 70 people as a part of Niko Volunteers with their own structure: management, accountancy, moderators responsible for taking the applications; warehouse workers forming the tasks,delivery guys, humanitarian aid hunters, and a lot of other internal roles. There’s even a doctor and a pharmacist responsible for the medicines. The team also has their own warehouse and headquarters. 

On a daily basis, Vika’s team accomplishes from 60 to 100 tasks according to the following priorities:

  • finding costly and scarce medicines for the injured in the hospitals; 
  • supplying ammunition and hot meals to the army; 
  • helping maternity hospitals and infirmaries;
  • supporting pensioners, large families and lone mothers;
  • helping zoos and animal shelters. 

One of the most high-priority directions is helping the army: buying groceries and medicines. Every day the organization sends out around 60000 essential medicines. They also support around 300 people daily with hot meals that they cook in the restaurants and send to our soldiers at the checkpoints. 

Additionally Viktoriia collects money on request for the military ammunition: clothes, tactical shoes, helmets, knee protectors, tactical gloves, flashlights. They also manufacture special vests – plate carriers. During the night of war Viktoriia has collected over a million hryvnyas, and the organization in total has collected around 3 mln hryvnyas altogether. After the war, Viktoriia wants to continue her work on a larger scale, both in her blog and in her volunteering activities.

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