If we manage to handle this, we will probably become as tough as armored concrete


When the war broke out on February 24, Viktoriia and her family left their home to her husband’s recording studio. It is located in the center of Kharkiv in the basement with good sound proofing. Every day the people they knew came there to hide, and a few days later 20 people and 5 cats started to live there.

All these people needed help, food, and cat food. All the Cryza clothes she had in her stock, Viktoriia had either given out to her friends or sent to the military and the volunteers she knew. She was extremely scared and depressed during the first days of the war. So Viktoriia and her family had decided to leave Kharkiv. They’ve been on the road around Ukraine for four days, and they’ve finally settled in the Vinnytsia region. When she was finally safe again, Viktoriia started to contact all the people she knew and learn who needed what kind of help. Thanks to the fact that she knows a lot of people from all around Ukraine and the world she can help the needy.

This way, Viktoriia had collected money to purchase a big delivery of medicines and animal food from Israel. She has also collected money to purchase equipment for negative-pressure wound therapy from Austria that was delivered to a military hospital in Kyiv. She helps volunteers in Kharkiv by sending them the money she’d collected for the purchase of humanitarian aid. She’s literally collecting aid from every corner of the world: Poland, Israel, Great Britain, Austria, etc.

Every day Viktoriia understands that the people are our greatest strength. And she’s thanking all her personal contacts and the people she knows for their help in purchasing, delivering, and organizing the necessary things for those who really need them. Viktoriia’s six years old son says that Lord Voldemort attacked us, but he knows for certain that good will always triumph over evil because that’s what the Harry Potter movies are all about.

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