The entire Ukraine is finally united


On the morning of February 24, Viktoriia and her boyfriend woke up in their apartment in Kyiv. It was Victoriia’s mom’s birthday, but instead of wishing her a happy birthday, they had to tell Victoriia’s mom that the war had broken out. The guys spent the first night hiding in the subway. The next day, they went to pick up their cat and laptops so they could continue their work, and along with their neighbor, they left for Lviv, where they have settled now.

Victoriia’s father serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and originally the guys wanted to help their dad and his comrades-in-arms by providing them with the necessary equipment. They called their initiative “Tato and Bayraktar” (“Father and Bayraktar”) – after the cat Bayraktar, whom their father brought from the front line.  The guys get their requests directly from their father. Demands vary depending on the operational situation – these can be thermal underwear, tactical gloves, helmets and socks as well as thermal imagers, copters and scopes.  They also try to meet the needs of other military units when possible – there are still many units that are not properly equipped.

The guys often cooperate with large-scale volunteer headquarters and foundations that deal with ammunition. Together they reach out to European suppliers and cooperate on large orders and logistics. They themselves are also raising funds and handling requests from both the military and smaller volunteer groups. Their current priority is raising money for procurement of protective equipment. Soldiers need helmets, body armor, knee pads, and reconnaissance equipment. The next request will likely be for summer tactical uniforms and camouflage gear. These are all expensive orders and the volunteers really need help.

Despite their volunteer activities, Yehor and Viktoriia continue to work. They understand that it is important to support the Ukrainian economy and have the means to provide for themselves and help their loved ones. They both work internationally and maintain the reputation of Ukrainian IT specialists. The guys are proud to be Ukrainians and want to show the world that Ukraininians are talented and wonderful people. After the victory, the guys would like to rest and celebrate, but they think critically enough and understand how much work lies ahead so that the nightmare of war will never happen again in our country.

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