What struck me, and still does, is people's proactivity and their sincere desire to help


Vitalii says that it wasn’t even a choice for him to become a volunteer. He says that it is in the blood of every Ukrainian to help each other in difficult times.  He launched the @HelpUA chat bot in Telegram which accepts and processes requests from both volunteers and people in need. This helped automate and significantly speed up the request processing time. It was also important to build a management system and to develop an algorithm for the effective work of volunteers. Vitalii says that many people are ready to help but don’t know how. Their team just helps to establish communication between the parties and to speed up all processes as much as possible.

As of now, about 60 people are processing the requests for aid, and about 300 volunteers from different cities – receive, sort, and deliver the aid. The team has accepted about 3,000 requests so far out of which more than 2,000 requests have already been fulfilled. Some of them are still impossible to fulfill, says Vitalii. For example, at the moment of this interview, there is no communication with the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. But the team continues to work throughout Ukraine, where possible. Practically in all cities there is a constant shortage of medicines and food. They also need money for gas.

Vitalii also notes that it is important for him to keep his team efficient. He understands that most volunteers themselves do not have money for food, utilities, and other necessities, and he is looking for money to support his team financially. Vitalii is confident that even the minimum wage would be able to support the volunteers and to increase the efficiency of their work.

Vitalii is inspired by the results of the team and the gratitude that comes from people they help. They will do their work till our victory. “I think that after the victory, there will be even more work in the rear than now, so it is important to continue the work and development of the project,” says Vitalii. After the war, he plans to transfer all the infrastructure of the project developed during this time to the balance of a yet to be selected volunteer organization. His team managed to verify the effectiveness of the created product and is confident that in peacetime it would be able to bring even more benefits.

The first minute after the victory, Vitalii will write a post in his social networks. It is important for him to mark the moment of victory. It is important to remember and to share the successes they were able to achieve with his team during the war period.

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