Every day you must do everything possible to bring the win of our free Ukraine closer


In the morning on the 24th of February Vladylsav and his family were sleeping at home when the first explosions were heard. The shelling was outside the city and they thought that they will start ruining Kharkiv was almost impossible. But day after day the rockets came closer and closer to their house, so the family had to be sent to a quieter place. 


On the 3rd or 4th day of the war everyone could understand that Ukraine was holding, but how long it was going to take to fight back the enemy was unknown. Then Vladyslav and his friends gathered to help our soldiers in some way. There are a lot of hunters in their group, so first guys gave all their weapon and sights. Then they decided to raise money for one more sight with a thermal imager, and this is how it all started. 


Right now, there are about 7-9 people in the group who always work. They have created the chat “Help to ours” to communicate with each other, but real soon it grew to 800 people. All the participants are the people who care and who try to bring the win closer. Mostly, they raise money for the optics and medicines. For the first month of the war, the guys raised more than half a million hryvnas that they spent on sights and thermal imagers. However, a lot of people from the chat also just gave up their own drones, sleeping bags and everything that might be useful at the front.  


Vladyslav says that the requests from the military change according to the situation that is why they cannot stop working. The guys are trying to get everything needed to the front side as soon as possible. But they really need financing. Only one sight costs about 1500 Euros, and there are hundreds of them needed out there. Moreover, our military needs thermal imagers, drones for the intelligence, special walkie-talkies, active headphones, plate carriers and many other things. 


Vladyslav says that he became a volunteer because of his own cowardness – he is very far from military industry, and he doesn’t know how to work with weapon at all. But hiding and being aside means to lose self-respect. Every time when he visits our military people, he sees their confidence and positive attitude. That is why Vladyslav has firmly decided that he will stay in Kharkiv and help people till the winning end. Right now, he does not have the vision of his future. Neither does he have the plans. On the war people live one day at a time. And every day you must do everything possible to bring the win of our free Ukraine closer. 

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