We must do everything to help protect our country


Programmer Vladyslav Tereshyn is from Kharkiv, but for the last year he and his wife have been living in Kyiv, where he is now. On the morning of February 24, Vladyslav woke up from explosions and his main mission was to pick up his wife from the hospital where she was being treated.

Vladyslav has been familiar with the war since 2014. Then he and his friend also volunteered and helped the military. However, the organization was not registered and over time it became difficult to raise funds. Now this friend is defending Ukraine with weapons in his hands, and Vladyslav is helping in the rear. He raises funds, buys medicines for the “Hospitaller” squad, searches for and buys protection, tactical equipment and other things the military need. He is raising funds to buy his second car for the 92nd brigade of Kharkiv.

Vladyslav understands that while he is not at the front, he must do everything to help protect his country. He has already lost several friends and it hurts a lot. But he believes that Ukraine will endure and be free and successful. And when Ukraine wins, he will go to his native Kharkiv to see his parents and hug his friends.

Before the War

Full Stack Javascript Engineer

Site of Operation

Kyiv, Kharkiv

Operation Directions

Humanitarian aid
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine
Funds Raising