Together we will WIN


On the morning of February 24, Vlad, like many Ukrainians, slept peacefully in his bed. He was awakened by his mother with terrible news about the beginning of the war. And although the situation in the country has been heating up for a long time, for Vlad it was a shock. 


Vlad and family had to move to Chernivtsi and he came to the largest volunteer headquarters “Protection of Ukraine” and offered his help. At that time, the headquarters had been working for more than 2 weeks and was handling large amounts of humanitarian aid every day. The guys send more than 10 tons of food, medicines, warm blankets, etc. daily to the hot spots of Ukraine. The main specialties of the headquarters are food, medicines, as well as ammunition for the military. They get support from foreign funds, and collect donations. Vlad quickly joined the team of volunteers, his popularity in the media was especially useful. He posts on his social media the results of the work of the headquarters and also opened a collection of donations.


Vlad had no prior experience of volunteering. But he is a smart person and quickly realized that sitting still waiting for a summons and working as a cook in some restaurant will not help him, much less other people. And now his work as a cook will hardly support the country’s economy. As a volunteer, Vlad has the opportunity to help thousands of people every day and considers this the most important thing. He really hopes that donations will come so that he can continue what he is doing.


Vlad has no special plans for after the victory. Now he knows for sure that happiness consists of simple things and just dreams of enjoying a peaceful life. And during the war, Vlad moved around the country a lot and realized that he had never been abroad. Therefore, one of his plans for a peaceful future is traveling.

Before the War

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