We have united, because we are free and we have finally realised who we are and now we are proud of it


Vladyslava went to Sri Lanka on her winter vacation and was about to go back home in March, but, unfortunately, the war had its own plans for her. Being far from her home and looking at what’s happening, Slava was willing to help the people. That’s why she’s organized 11 departments and a team of 50 people into a volunteer organization KHLIB that’s operating in Kharkiv.

The organization is focused on helping those who aren’t able to help themselves (meaning, senior citizens, moms and their children, disabled persons) who cannot leave their homes or shelters to find themselves food, hygiene products, medicines, and such.

Specifically for them, the volunteers prepare boxes with humanitarian aid and organize targeted delivery to the needy all around Kharkiv.

During the month of the war, Vladyslava and her team have managed to help almost 7,000 people. It’s 200-250 people who receive help in the form of a week’s worth of product sets daily.

Vladyslava’s planning to help to rebuild her beloved city and obtain finances and the help of various funds after the war.  She’s proud of her country and for being Ukrainian, which, along with the photos of the people her organization helps, motivates her and fills her with energy. 

Vladyslava’s looking so much forward to the end of this terror and wishes to go back home and simply give everyone on her team a hug, embrace everyone who’s delivering food under shelling and givimg people warmth and a little bit of confidence in the future. 

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