I want to help my country to have a chance to stay free, defend itself and build a bright future in freedom


On February 24, at 5:30 am, Volodia received a call from a business partner who said that the war had begun. After watching the news, Volodia saw a map of missile strikes throughout Ukraine and immediately realized that everything was serious and their life would change dramatically. The first day, he just sat and read the news, trying to figure out what was going on. On the third day, Volodia tried to enroll in the territorial defense, where he was told that he would be more useful at his current job.

He saw a post about volunteering on Instagram from one of the famous chefs in Odessa, called him and that’s how it all started… The guys gathered a team and organized several kitchens for cooking. The first day was wild chaos, no one understood what to do, but at the same time everyone wanted to help. There was no clear algorithm of work. But after a few days, everyone was busy with their own tasks and the work was in full swing.

Now the team has about 50 people. They cook for territorial defense, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Red Cross, military hospitals and maternity hospitals. About 1000-2000 full servings are prepared per day. In two months, Volodia and his team were able to cook more than 70 thousand servings of food. Volodia says that money is always scarce. It is necessary to constantly restock warehouses with food, and provide drivers with gasoline. And he dreams to pay each member of the team, at least a small amount per day.

Since Volodia sent his family abroad, the most difficult thing for him now is loneliness. He misses his family very much and dreams of being home together as soon as possible. Therefore, he cannot sit still and even when there is free time, he cannot relax. Relaxation only comes when he is working. Volodia is very happy and proud of his country, which chose freedom. This gives strength and unshakable faith in victory.

After the victory, Volodia will go to his family and take them home. Now he is working to create an organization that will help with removing rubble and perform restoration work in our country in order to quickly forget about all this horror and hear sonorous children’s laughter in our yards and homes throughout the country.

Before the War

Entrepreneur, Brand Chef

Site of Operation

Kherson Region, Mykolaiv Region, Odesa, Odesa Region

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