Our children deserve peace and life


On February 24, at 5 am, Volodymyr heard explosions. At first he thought it was military training. But in a couple of hours, after watching the news, he realized that an all-out war had begun. On the third day of the war, rockets hit Vladimir’s apartment and his sister’s apartment. Fortunately, everyone remained intact, many people were in the basements, and Volodymyr himself was not at home. At that moment, he decided that he could not sit still and that he needed to help people. He started a fundraiser and people immediately responded. On that same day, Volodymyr and his wife went to make bulk purchases, started accepting requests for help and delivering it to people.

While being in the west with the family, he cooperated with volunteer organizations, gathered together 2 tons of humanitarian aid for Kharkiv and put it in the car. Arriving in Kharkiv, he organized a small warehouse and gathered a team of 15 people. Together they organize food and hygiene packages for families that should last for a week. Every package may differ, depending on the needs. Every day they deliver about 200 packages, supply the perinatal center, the nursing home, deliver food to checkpoints and transfer food to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Currently the big problem is financial support. Food has become more expensive, gasoline too. Volodymyr’s team exchanges the necessary items with other volunteer organizations. There is hope for the support from Europe and Western Ukraine. They plan to move to a larger warehouse, make more food purchases and expand the team. Volodymyr wants everyone to be full and warm.

A lot of resources are spent on the medicines from Europe, on gasoline, since every day the team travels around the city. Volodymyr says that the war is a great horror that destroyed homes and families. But he is inspired by our unity and how everybody tries to do everything in their power to help Ukrainians. It is inspiring to see the courage of people who stay in Kharkiv and continue to love their country and to smile. He is inspired by our military, who fight fiercely and heroically every day. He is inspired by the elderly who believe and every time they say that we will win.

He says that when you come to the elderly, they are afraid, there is fear and tears in their eyes. But when you arrive, you help, you hug them and then you see a smile. Volodymyr is horrified to see the children sit in the cold damp basement. Children with bright eyes who deserve peace and life. Volodymyr believes in our victory and that all people will rise up to rebuild our cities. He believes that we will rebuild Ukraine very quickly. He dreams of reuniting with his family as soon as possible.

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