We all fight and are united and turn into something new and beautiful


The war caught her in a hospital bed — on February 23 Yaryna underwent surgery under general anesthesia. That is why in the morning she did not perceive reality very well and did not fully understand that war had broken out in Ukraine. When she finally woke up there was almost no one at the hospital. The food deliveries didn’t work either. Yaryna felt that the war was about fear, pain, and hunger. A nurse had given her part of her dinner, and the next day she was discharged from the hospital. Although she was supposed to be in rehabilitation for at least a week more.

At that time mobilization was in progress and many men she knew joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces or the territorial defense. It turned out that the guys did not have decent equipment and many of the things needed in wartime. On the way to Kyiv, Yaryna bought up everything that is needed at the frontline: socks, thermal underwear, shoes, canned goods, knives, flashlights, cigarettes and snickers. Yarina says she will never forget the happy eyes of the soldiers when she first brought them aid. That’s when she decided for herself just what she was going to do during the war.

Over the next three days, Yaryna raised the first money and, with the help of her acquaintances in Moldova, purchased drones, radios, and anything else she could get her hands on useful items. In this way the team worked almost around the clock. They raised money, bought and delivered aid directly to the guys using their cars. Yaryna is a systematic person, so he quickly organized a precise structure of work and control, divided requests by directions: equipment, medicine, clothes, and other things. So at any time she could see what has been done, what requests have already been taken care of, how much money is on the balance, how much is missing. They also optimize any expenses, fix the rate and are not afraid to ask for discounts. They give feedback to their donors.

During her time volunteering, Yaryna learned how to figure out what equipment, clothing and other things to buy; what equipment will save one’s life at the frontline and what equipment, on the contrary, can potentially cost one’s life. First they send everything they need to where it is most harsh – the Kiev region, Chernihiv region, the Southern Front, the Luhansk region, etc. Yaryna says that the greatest happiness for her was to know that they were able to deliver something necessary to the frontline in time. For example, they sent means of chemical protection to the soldiers in the Luhansk region and several days later received gratitude from the soldiers. She is inspired by every story of the small but great people she encounters every day. But she watches with pride as a great nation is born out of the Ukrainian people. A nation of people with great hearts of steel.

She, like everyone else, looks forward to victory. Yaryna wants to meet and embrace all the people who have become family during the months of war. But she realizes that the marathon won’t stop there. There will be months of demining and rebuilding ahead. And she knows she will be useful to her country!

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