We will win, we will live and create even better than before


Yehor learned that the war had begun from a video from the President of Ukraine. For the first hours, he did not understand what was happening, what to do and what would happen next. He tried not to panic and thought how he could be useful for his country at such a time.

After 2 days, Yehor realized that he needed to work and began to volunteer. He helps refugee families with children. In the first 10 days he was actively engaged in the settlement of people: he met them, drove them, helped them settle. Now the focus is on the delivery of baby food and hygiene products for the moms.

During Yehor’s work, about 1 ton of baby food was delivered. This means that about 20-30 families a day got provided with food for babies. Also, Yehor’s team organized an Easter  event for children with animators to give children a little happiness. About 100 children came.

Yehor says that there are very difficult days, especially since there is a lack of understanding of when it will all end. But he understands that it is much more difficult for many people now, someone has left their home, and someone has lost it completely. Work gives him strength and energy. Yehor is sure that we will win, we will live and create even better than before.

After the victory, he will take a week off with his loved ones. And he will come up with a big festivity for children, to celebrate the end of the war.

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