After the victory I'll kiss the ground and thank God that he has been on our side


The life of Yevhen Koliada before the war was like a festivity. He was involved in organizing celebrations, corporate events and weddings in his native Kharkiv. He organized kayaking trips and took people hiking.


He was mentally prepared for the fact that Russia would attack sooner or later and immediately began to help people. Together with other volunteers, they evacuated people from Kharkiv, cooked hot meals, formed humanitarian aid packages, and delivered medicines. First of all, the guys help the disabled and the elderly, as well as large families. The second direction is to help the Kharkiv Territorial Defense Unit and the 92nd Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


During the war, he hid in the trenches more than once and saw many terrible pictures. Yevhen says that he will never forget an old woman he rescued from her ruined apartment with no walls left. She was cold and was preparing to die. Now she lives in a shelter and is healthy. He sees tears not only of pain and loss, but also of joy and hope. Yevhen, like all Ukrainians, believes in victory and will not leave his native Kharkiv.


After the victory, the first thing Yevhen will do is kiss the ground and thank God that he has been on our side. And then he dreams of meeting with everyone who helps their organization in order to celebrate the victory together and make a plan on how to revive the city as soon as possible.

Before the War

Event sphere

Site of Operation

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Region

Operation Directions

Food Packing
Funds Raising
Humanitarian aid
Help to elderly people
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine
Help to the Territory Defence