People stay strong and find the strength to smile, despite the horror they have experienced, and this is inspiring


He was just visiting his parents in Kyiv, when on the morning of February 24 powerful explosions sounded throughout the city. The war has begun in Ukraine. They did not flee anywhere and the first night Yevhenii’s family spent in a bunker. It was a very hard night. And in the morning he went to the store to buy food. But he immediately bought extra items to help those who could not do it themselves. And so his volunteer work began – they handed out food packages to several elderly people, filmed it and posted on social media.


For the first month, the guys delivered food to the right bank of Kyiv. And when the city came to life a little, they focused on the towns and villages of the Kyiv region. First of all, to those who were recently liberated from occupation. They send their help to the children, to the elderly, sick people and mothers with children. The guys prepare food packages for them that should last for a week. But in addition to humanitarian aid, Yevhenii’s team is also trying to help psychologically – to listen, hug, and support. And they named their project Kyiv_soul – the soul of Kyiv.


During his volunteer work, Yevhenii and his team have seen many horrors. Once a fragment of a rocket hit the car in which they deliver orders. Fortunately, no one was harmed. But the worst thing is the eyes of people who survived the occupation. The guys see their broken and plundered houses, hear the stories of these people every day. They try to bring their help to such people in the first place. But they really need financial support. Money is needed to purchase food, fuel and make deliveries, as well as for animal feed (the Kyiv_soul team is also trying to help animals as much as possible).


Yevhenii says that the volunteer work is very difficult, first of all emotionally. But they see how the people stay strong, how they find the strength to smile, despite the horror they have experienced, and this is inspiring. And the guys will continue to help them until the war is over. Yevhenii does not know what he will do after the victory, but he would very much like to combine his work with volunteer activities in the future. And now everything that seemed familiar and normal before the war seems special and precious: a hot coffee on the street or a slice of pizza. And it will take a long time to return to the past life.

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