With faith in the best, we will continue cooking and feeding people until we hear that we have won the war


Already on the second day of the war, Yulia realized that she could not just sit still and be afraid when she knew she could help. Yulia simply came to the city hall and offered her help. At first, she prepared sandwiches. But by the third day, humanitarian headquarters were established, logistics and supply of warehouses and kitchens were set up. Only Boyarka, a small town close to Kyiv now has 7 of those. 

Yulia’s extensive experience in the kitchen and her ability to organize the storage and processing of food also came in handy. Now the team supplies about 2,500 fighters from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Terodefense per day with hot meals. They’ve managed to organize a constant supply of 11 neighboring villages in the Kiev region, and separately arranged assistance for the elderly and children, and also are hosting and feeding more than 1,000 refugees from Irpin. The guys even organized the night feedings of soldiers at checkpoints. 

According to Yulia, the most difficult thing at first was to establish communication and find out the specific needs. Now they understand exactly: who needs their help, where they are and how much food they need per day. The transportation and communication with the heads of the village councils has been established. Entrepreneurs and other volunteers actively help them. But there is always a need for long-term storage products – cereals, canned meat, canned fish, butter, condensed milk and others. 

It was not the terrible sounds of explosions and aviation that made the war real for Yulia. It was horrible to see people who fled from Irpin after 10 days of occupation – children weak from starvation, old men scared to death, women tired of the madness of what they have seen. But at the same time, Yulia saw other elderly people. They brought their last savings, homemade honey, jam and potatoes. They were ready to give everything to help Ukraine win the war. 

Yulia stopped trying to figure out the number of days that had passed since the beginning of the war long time ago. She and her team will cook and feed people until Ukraine wins. And after the victory, Yulia promises to set up the grills outside, buy a lot of meat and treat our winners with kebabs!

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