Every day, waking up in the morning, we realize how much we can do and how many people we can help


On February 23, Yuliia planned to take a vacation. And the next day she woke up from the sound of her husband talking on the phone. She did not hear the explosions and could not understand what was happening. There was a slight shock and a lack of understanding of what to do.

Already on the second day, Yuliia and her husband found out through friends that many establishments were working and cooking food for the military and the ones in need. And they learned from a friend from the police that the military really needed food. So they realized that one either needs to help or to leave. And they chose the first one.

For the first 2 months, they delivered food for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (from 100 to 300 servings daily), delivered food and necessities for medical staff and patients, delivered medicines for the territorial defense fighters, and evacuated people from Kharkiv to Poltava. In March, the first fundraiser for bulletproof vests, shoes, helmets and clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was opened. For the first time, it was possible to organize and provide the military with 48 bulletproof vests. They continue to provide the military with the necessary ammunition.

Yuliia says that every day when she comes home, she and her husband say that they will not go anywhere anymore. Because every day is dangerous, scary, several times they came under fire. But every day, waking up in the morning, they realize how much they can do and how many people they can help. It doesn’t let you give up. Yuliia is inspired by our military. They will never take more than what they need, they are all friendly, polite and positively minded. And what they do is magic. After the war, Yuliia and her husband want to have a big celebration at Freedom Square.

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