The main part of our work is helping civilians in those regions where people do not have the possibility to support themselves


Zoia Zakharova worked as a sales manager before the war and at the moment it broke out she was on holiday in Antalya. Her friend Aleksandr Hetmantsev, with whom they are volunteering together, works as a financial director at several companies in Kharkiv. He is the President of the Darts Federation. Aleksandr and Zoya used to play darts together and participated in competitions.

On February 24 Aleksandr woke up at 9:30 and still didn’t know that the war had started. His mother called him and told about the news and about the russian invasion of Ukraine. Aleksandr immediately went to work to collect all the documents and decide what to do next.

Being in Turkey, Zoia realized that she wouldn’t be able to stand aside and sit around doing nothing because she loves Kharkiv so much. There wasn’t really enough money to come back. Ukrainians helped Zoia – somebody bought the ticket, somebody simply transferred money to her card. This way she made it back from Antalya on March 4 and already on the next day they started delivering humanitarian aid.

Zoia knows firsthand what a war is, her brother has been fighting in Donbas since 2014. Now there are 10 people on Zoia and Aleksandr’s team and they also work in tandem with other teams of volunteers. Their main scope of work is helping people who are in hotspots and also helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces. Every day, they transport humanitarian aid, deliver medicines and help purchase the necessary attributes for our soldiers.

Zoia and Aleksandr tell that there has been a case when they were driving a car with only a windshield for a week, because there had been an explosion near their car and all the rest of the windows had been blown out. However, Zoia says that when you are for your people and together with them, nothing scares you. You just understand what you are doing it all for. And fantastic Ukrainians who support and constantly help each other give so much inspiration and strength. Because there is not a single person who doesn’t believe in our victory. Everyone knows and is sure that we will win.

After the victory Zoia is going to get together with all her friends, those she can’t meet now because of the war, and will be hugging them all for three weeks in a row.

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